Institute of Quantum Materials Science, IQMS

International conference AMM-2022
"Ab-initio modeling of advanced materials"

Yekaterinburg, October 3-7th 2022


  • Yuri Gornostyrev, Institute of Metal Physics, Russia
  • Mikhail Katsnelson, Radboud University, The Netherlands
  • Joerg Noegebauer, Max-Planck Institute fur Eisenforschung, Germany
  • Alexander Lichtenshtein, Hamburg university, Germany

International Psi-k conference "Ab-initio modeling of advanced materials" AMM-2022 was held in Yekaterinburg, Russia on October 3-7. The conference AMM2022 will focus on the recent progress in the development and application of ab-initio based methods of calculation and thermodynamic/kinetic modeling for microstructure and various finite-temperature physical properties of a wide range of materials, from steel and alloys up to modern functional compounds. Two special topics of this, already third AMM conference, will be problems related to (i) magnetism and magnetic materials and (ii) topological materials. The conference brings together prominent scientists from the area of theoretical modelling to assess the state of the art in applications of the electronic structure theory for the knowledge-based design of advanced materials. Development of any strategy for design of the materials requires combined multi-disciplinary efforts. The aim of the conference is to provide a fruitful atmosphere and framework for development and dissemination of novel ideas and concepts to resolve the present challenges in the field.

We intend to address the following topics:

  • Recent developments to bridge between highly accurate electronic calculations and large-scale atomistic thermodynamic and kinetic simulations for thermodynamics and phase transformation in alloys by fully taking into account magnetic, electronic and lattice excitations.
  • Current attempts to improve the understanding of magnetic materials including the microstructure formation and chemical decomposition in relation to the peculiarities of electronic structure.
  • Ab-initio calculations of electronic, magnetic and transport properties of topological insulators, Dirac and Weyl nodal-line semimetals, and topological metals.
  • Recent progress in ab initio methods to treat materials with strong spin-orbit coupling such as those based on 4d-5d transition metals including systems with strongly anisotropic exchange interaction, spin-orbit Mott insulators, cluster Mott-Hubbard magnets and others.
First Information circular will be coming soon

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